Drawing a Line Graph

In maths today we have used the knowledge that 5 miles is equivalent to 8km, to draw a line graph all the way up to 20 miles. We plotted the points and then drew the line to complete the graph.

Do you know how many km is equivalent to 20 miles?

Converting Measurements

In maths today we have been converting measurements from grams to kilograms and millilitres to litres. We were then able to put our measurements on a number line to show the smallest measurement to the largest measurement. We have shown that we can confidently put various measurements in order!

Do you know how many grams are in a kilogram?

Roman Based Game

Today we have been using our knowledge of coding to create a roman based game using the ICT we are familiar with. Our class have created some really interesting games drawing upon our previous work on roman civilisation.

How would you like your game to look?


Operation Christmas Child

We have been doing our wrapping and filling boxes for our annual ‘Operation Christmas Child.’ We have been talking about showing kindness to people who are less fortunate that ourselves and today we filled boxes with various items that we think children would be pleased to receive.

What item would you like to unwrap?

Je Voudrais…

Today in our french lesson we have been learning about the french phrase ‘Je Voudrais…’ and completing sentences, asking for something that we would like. Some of the examples which our class came up with were various fruits and vegetables which we thought would be useful if you were in a french supermarket.

Could you ask for an item in french?



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This afternoon, we have been wrapping boxes ready for Operation Christmas Child! We have been working in pairs to get as many boxes wrapped as we can. How many have you wrapped?

Remembrance Day

This morning, at 11 o’clock, the whole school had a minute silent to remember soldiers that have fought for us in different wars. Each class bought their class wreath with them.


Big Write

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This morning, we have done a big write. We have written an autobiography, this is when someone writes about themselves. What different facts would you put into your own autobiography?


Safe and Happy

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This afternoon, we have being thinking about being safe and happy. We have been using the NSPCC childlike website to explore our different feelings. We have been drawing different pictures to show how we are feeling. We know it’s important … Continue reading


Life Cycles

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This afternoon, we have been identifying all the different parts of a egg when it is cracked open. First we cracked an egg open and looked what was inside, we they draw a diagram in our books showing all the … Continue reading