Identifying How Shrewsbury Has Grown Over The Centuries.

This afternoon , we designed 3D models of Shrewsbury. We discussed the unique buildings within Shrewsbury and used our knowledge to design black and white buildings. We talked about jobs that are needed in order to construct a town and discussed the role of an architect.

What do you know about Shrewsbury?


Harper Adams visit

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This afternoon we had a visit from Harper Adams. We completed lots of interesting and fun activities all about jobs. Such as matching jobs to their descriptions, which we found, lots of jobs descriptions might cross over into different jobs. … Continue reading

Wombridge News

This morning, we have become newspaper journalists. We have reported on the Battle of Shrewsbury. Did you know that the battle of Shrewsbury was in July 1403? The battle broke out between Henry Percy and Henry IV.

Who do you think won the battle?

Data analysis

This afternoon, we analysed a set of data. We recorded it’s mean, median and mode. We used our maths skills to work out the answers.

The data was about the amount of deaths from the plague in Shakespearean times.

Can you explain how we would find out the mean, median and mode?

Newspaper Report

This morning in literacy , we wrote our very own newspaper report on the battle of Shrewsbury. We used our previous planning from yesterday and the information we gathered to help us. We know to include a catchy heading to draw the readers in. Also the 5W’s to make sure we include the most important information.

What do you know about the battle of Shrewsbury?

Newspaper Report

This morning in literacy we were writing our very our news reports on the battle of Shrewsbury.  We know that a news report is seen in a newspaper with a catchy headline to draw in the readers. We used our plans and the 5W’s  to create a good news report, remembering all the information we gathered.

What do you know about the battle of Shrewsbury?

Column Addition

This morning in Maths, we were learning to use column addition to add together four and five digits numbers. We learnt how to correctly set out our questions and carry over our digits. To check our answers we used the inverse.

Do you use the inverse to check?

Collecting and gathering information

This morning, we used our researching skills to gather information about the Battle of Shrewsbury. We focused on the 5 W’s. We found out that the battle was in 1403, in Shrewsbury.

Do you know what the 5 W’s are?

The plague in Stratford Upon Avon

This afternoon, we investigated the total amount of deaths during the years 1563-1565. We generated our own questions and analysed the data. Using our maths skills, we found out that 1564 had the total amount of deaths. We also applied our maths skills learnt this week (subtracting by counting on, on a number line) to help us interpret that data.

Do you know about the plague?

Journalist Language

This morning in Literacy we were learning about active and passive sentences, we had to identify the meaning of them both and change active sentences into passive. We then looked through a newspaper article and identified passive sentences.

Do you know the difference between active and passive sentences?