Reproduction in Plants

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We have been looking at reproduction in plants. For our experiment, we have taken cuttings from a plant. We will be using an artificial method of reproduction. Hopefully, we shall be able to see roots develop over the next few … Continue reading


Column Subtraction

This week, we have started to look at column subtraction. When doing column subtraction it is important to always start subtracting with the number on the right hand side. Why do you think you have to do this?


Instruction texts

This morning, we have been looking more at instruction texts. We have been looking at Roman instructions for making Libum bread, which the Roman’s had as a pudding. The instructions weren’t that easy to follow as they didn’t have proper … Continue reading


Football skills

This afternoon, in PE, we have been practicing our football skills. We have been learning about ball control and how to pass the ball properly. Can you need any football skills?


Column Addition with decimals

This week we have been working with decimals! Today we have started to use addition with decimals. It’s important when doing this that you use place value properly to make sure that you add the right numbers together. Do you … Continue reading


Welcome Back!

We hope you all had a safe and happy summer holidays! Now it’s time to get back to learning. This term Class 8’s topic is Romans. We can’t wait to find out all about the Romans and how they lived. … Continue reading


Plant Sale!

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This afternoon the plant sale was held, we had the opportunity to go and buy some plants to continue growing them at home. What plants do you like?

Creating our own garden!

We were given a budget of 750 pound to create our own garden. We can add paving slabs, grass, children’s play area and lots more. We need to use our four operations to make sure we do not go over our budget. What would you put in your garden?


Today we have been continuing to compete our work for our IT GCSE. We are having a lot of fun completing it. Do you enjoy doing IT?


This morning we have all had a lot of fun taking part in throwing. Everyone did such a great job well done. How far can you throw a ball?