Understanding musical notation!

This afternoon we have been looking at musical notation. Then we have been writing our own words with musical notes. Do you know what is musical notation?

Identifying and describing what places are like!

This afternoon we have had to compare England and Greece. Do you know any differences or similarities of England and Greece?

Learning how to say where we live and ask others where they live in French!

This afternoon we have been learning how to say where do you live and I live in, in French. We had conversation in French with each others asking each other where we live and saying where we lived. Do you know how to say where do you live in French?


Sponsored skipping!

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This afternoon we have taken part in our sponsored skipping. We all did a warm and they counted how many skips we could do in a given time. How many skips can you do in 30 seconds?

Learning how to find a rule using one step!

This morning in Maths we have been looking at function machines. We have been looking at the input and output of different function machine. We have learnt how to work out the input and output. Do you know how to find a rule using one step?


Growing our own potatoes!

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This afternoon we have been planting our own potatoes. We had to chit our potatoes for two weeks in a chit tray. We had rocket potatoes and regional potatoes that we planted. We got our bags and filled them with … Continue reading

Coding- Times table game!

This afternoon we have been doing our coding and making a times table game. Do you know what coding is?

Adding the finishing touches to our Greek Urns!

This afternoon we all finished off our Greek Urns by putting our own individual patterns on them. What do you think of the Greek Urns?

Learning about informal and formal language!

This morning we have been looking at informal and formal language that is used in writing. We were given a letter where we had to change the informal language into formal language. Do you know the difference between informal and formal language?


Identifying the key features in an argument!

Today we have learnt that in a debate we have a for and against argument. We learnt how to write opposing views to give an argument. We looked at Are potatoes a vegetable? then we had a choose of Should mobile phones be banned at school and Should be dogs be banned from parks. Can you think of for and against argument for a given topic?