Plant Sale!

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This afternoon the plant sale was held, we had the opportunity to go and buy some plants to continue growing them at home. What plants do you like?

Creating our own garden!

We were given a budget of 750 pound to create our own garden. We can add paving slabs, grass, children’s play area and lots more. We need to use our four operations to make sure we do not go over our budget. What would you put in your garden?


Today we have been continuing to compete our work for our IT GCSE. We are having a lot of fun completing it. Do you enjoy doing IT?


This morning we have all had a lot of fun taking part in throwing. Everyone did such a great job well done. How far can you throw a ball?

Sports Day!

Today the whole school took part in Sports Day. We all had a lot of fun and all did really well in taking part. Class 8 would like to say a big well done in participating. Have you done a Sports Day?


This afternoon we have been completing our IT GCSE to make sure we get it done in my time. Have you done IT GCSE?

Practising for our Sports Day!

This morning we have all be practising for Sports Day. We had some much fun getting ready for Sports Day on Thursday. Are you looking forward to watching our Sports Day?

Designing our own garden centre!

This morning we have been given a task to create our own garden centre. We have been given a budget of 1000 pound. We have chosen features we want in our garden and used the four operations to ensure we do not go over our budget. What would you have in your garden centre?

Practising our high jump!

This afternoon we have been practising our high jump ready for Sports Day next week. Do you enjoy doing high jump?


Today, some of our class are enjoying their bikeability course in the sunshine. It is a two day course which they have been doing since yesterday. The course enables students to learn about cycling safely on the roads therefore, today they aren’t on the playground like they were yesterday – they have taken their learning to the main roads to learn about signalling, safe manoeuvres and looking at various aspects of the green cross code. At the end of participating in the two day course they will hopefully all obtain their Level 2 Certificate. Do you feel confident enough to ride your bike on a main road?