This afternoon, we have been working together to make animations about pollination. We have been using the iPads and whiteboards to show what happens with the plants and bees. What do you know about pollination?

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  1. This day we were doing animations it was so much fun we took 5 pictures and then changed the position and picture all for a science work.

  2. This day we had loads of fun doing our animation.We were doing a animation about flowers and pollInation for a science work.we did 5 pictures then we would move the pictures of the flowers we had drawn.

  3. That day we were using whiteboards to draw pictures and put them in a animation it was so much fun.I wonder who else will have fun?

  4. This day we had lots of fun doing our was loud but we got the job done.I wonder who had fun?

  5. That day was a ton of fun for us making an animation it was quite loud but we did do alot.

  6. That day we had lots of fun hope we do it again how ever it was quite noisy but it was lots of fun

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