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To Create An Information Text Using IT.

This morning in literacy we used our prior learning to help us create our own non- chronological report on the planets. We have chosen to do it on planets as it links to out science topic. We know to include clear titles and subheadings.

Have you ever created a report?

Grid Method

Today in maths we were learning how to use the grid method to multiply 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers. There were several steps , first you had to partition the numbers. Then you had to use your knowledge on your times table to multiply. Finally you add all the numbers together to get your answer.

What method do you use to multiply?


This afternoon we were planting different seeds: radish, lettuce and beetroot. We used the forks to made sure we fresher up the soil to allow us to plant the seeds easier. We planted in rows and labelled each one.

What do you plant at home?

Non-chronological reports

Class 8 have been learning all about non-chronoligcal reports this week in literacy. Non-chronoligcal reports contain factual information and are usually in non-fiction books. We have each created a non-chronological report and have used different features including: title, subheadings, diagrams, fact boxes and paragraphs of factual information.

What was the last non-fiction book that you read?

The best season to grow different plants

This afternoon, we have looked at the best season to grow sunflowers, lavatera and sweet peas. We have planted the seeds of the plants in pots ready to sell during our plant sale. We have analysed the best months to grow plants, outdoors, indoors and when the plants flower.

Did you know a sunflower grows up to 180cm.


This afternoon we did some planting, we planted lavatera. First we filled the pots with compost, then we placed the seeds 12 inches apart allowing them space to grow. We then watered our seeds and we can’t wait to see it grow.

What do you plant at home?


Oracle bones

This afternoon, we created oracle bones out of clay.

Oracle bones were discovered in China over 100 years ago, during Shang Dynasty. Historians found that words inscribed in them were questions and they were able to work out what they said and who wrote them.

Adding messages to our oracle bones.

Life on a farm through different seasons

This afternoon, we each designed a poster to inform others of life inside a farmers’ life. We have had a visit off Harper Adam’s university who informed us of the typical day farmers have and considered what might happen on the farm during different seasons.

Did you know that lambing season is in spring?

Adding And Subtracting Fractions

Today in maths we were adding and subtracting fractions. We can now find the lowest common multiple of a pair of numbers and know that everything you do to the numerator , you have to do to the denominator.



Key Features

Yesterday in literacy we were looking at non chronological reports. Around the report we were labelling the key features: title, subheadings, punctuation, facts and many more. As a challenge we had to give examples of these features from different texts.

What is another key feature?