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Sports day

Today the whole school took part in sports day. We had lots of different sporting events including: running races, skipping races, hoops and relay. We were all very competitive.

Red house were the winners but blue were very close.

Which race was your favourite?

Sports Day Practice

This morning we practiced all our races for sports day ready for tomorrow.We practiced the sprint, bean bag race, hoops and relay. We all worked well in our teams and cheered each other on. It was so much fun! Well done to everyone!!

What did you do on your sports day?



This afternoon we put our coding skills to practice. We used Sphero to code different types of shapes and angles. We also used our knowledge on time to code by drawing shapes clockwise and anti-clockwise.

When have you used Sphero in your classroom?


This afternoon, we have visited our greenhouse. We used Slido to make predictions on which plant is going to grow the quickest, ready for our plant sale.

Which plant do you think is going to grow the quickest?


This afternoon in PE we were practicing our athletics, making sure we were prepared for our sports day. We did a range of activities and worked well in our teams.

Whats your favourite sport?

The direction that different forces act

This afternoon, we have tested how air resistance acts upon a force. We have learnt that as an aeroplane files through the sky, it has to push through the air around it. Friction between the air and the plane slows the plane down, which is known as air resistance.

We tested our paper aeroplane designs and measured which aeroplane travelled the furthest.

To Read Timetables Using The 24 hour Clock

This morning in Maths we were understanding the purpose of timetables and how to read them. I can now read a 24 hour clock and analysis and interpret data off a timetable and begin to answer word problems.

Interactive information texts

This week, we have been very busy creating interactive information texts. We have used keynote to create a contents page, glossary, fact boxes and diagrams. We have used our coding knowledge to link different slides together.

Today we have peer assessed each others learning.


During lunch time we had a visit off some of the pupils from the Thomas Telford School. Some of the year 5’s got to share a buffet lunch with some of the pupils from Thomas Telford. We were fortunate to ask them questions about how they got into the school, what their aspirations were for the future and what subjects they enjoy doing at school.

To Create An Information Text Using IT.

This morning in literacy we used our prior learning to help us create our own non- chronological report on the planets. We have chosen to do it on planets as it links to out science topic. We know to include clear titles and subheadings.

Have you ever created a report?