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Classifying Animals

This afternoon, we have used code to classify animals. This linked with our new science topic which is Living Things.

Animals can be classified into different groups a number of different ways for example: carnivores, herbivores, animals that live on the land, animals that live in the sea, animals with 4 legs, animals with more or less than 4 legs.

We have used our problem solving and debugging skills in order to create a game that classifies animals into different groups.

How would you sort and classify animals into groups?

Here is an example of our code for our game:


Good Friday

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Today we learnt about the key events in Holy Week. We focused on Good Friday especially, we recreated symbols of good Friday using our art skills. On Good Friday Christians remember the day Jesus was killed on the cross. Did … Continue reading

Classifying Animals

This afternoon we have collected and interpreted data.

We wanted to find out where the best place in school was for different types of habitats for animals. We used a data collector and measured the temperature of different rooms including: the classroom, fridge, outdoors, dining hall and greenhouse. We found out that the temperature in the classroom would be a suitable temperature for reptiles, as reptiles live in a habitat of 70-85 degrees fahrenheit.

What temperate do you predict the classroom to be?


Designing a Saxon Village

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Today we designed a Saxon Village. Anglo Saxons lived in huts, which were made from wood and had thatched straw roofs. We re-created the Saxon huts and made straw roofs. We also created rivers so the villagers could get water … Continue reading

Tasting Saxon Baked Apples

This afternoon, we tasted our cooking. We baked Saxon apples, we used honey instead of sugar because in the Saxon times sugar wasn’t discovered. The recipe was very simple to make and only needed 3 ingredients: honey, apples and sultanas.

What have you cooked this week in school?

Passing in Basketball

This half term, we are focusing on basketball. Today we have learnt different types of passing: chest pass and bounce pass (these are two common types of pass). When practicing our passing, we thought about different ways we can travel. Passing is important to practice in basketball as it helps to score easy points. Practicing different types of passing also helped to develop our team working and communication skills.

What did you learn this week in P.E?

Planning a Saxon Feast

Today we have planned a meal for a Saxon Feast. We have researched typical meals prepared by Anglo Saxons.

Did you know, the Saxons didn’t use sugar during the Saxon times, instead they used fruit to sweeten their meals. They also didn’t have some vegetables such as tomatoes and potatoes.

We scaled some recipes as we were planning a feast for 30 people! Some of the meals included: chicken stew, lamb stew, boiled beef and leeks, leek and pea soup, honey and oat biscuits.

What would you plan for your feast?

Reenacting 1066

In literacy, we have been practicing our speaking and listening skills. We rehearsed our acting skills and reenacted the Battle of Hastings.

We created shield walls to stop the Norman cavalry getting through, but unfortunately the shield wall was broken and rode through the English, hacking them down.

We also pretended to be King Harold as sadly an arrow was hit in his eye and killed him.

Do you know any facts about the Battle of Hastings?


Carrying out an historical enquiry!

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This afternoon we became detectives! We used clues based on artefacts to discover the mystery at Sutton Hoo. We worked in small groups to generate questions that we wanted to find out about the burial at Sutton Hoo, for example … Continue reading

Sponsored Skip

Today we have had our sponsored skip, we have been very determined to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

During the day, each class has taken part in the sponsored skip. We used our skills to practice different kinds of skips.

How much did you raise for the sponsored skip?