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The population of China

This afternoon, we have been looking at the population of China. We found out the population is increasing over the years and in 2020 the population is predicted to be 1420 million.

Do you know any facts about China?

Planning A Mystery Short Story.

This morning in literacy, we were creating our plans on our mystery stories. We spoke and described our settings , using adjectives. We imagined our characters and how they would feel ad what would happened? What were our clues and our mystery? We had to decide how the story would end  , maybe causing tension by leaving it on a cliffhanger.

What would your story be about?


This afternoon in science we were exploring how the earth, moon and sun are spheres and how their orbits effect one another.

How do you know the earth isn’t flat?

Shang Dynasty

Today we started our new topic – the Shang Dynasty of China! We have learnt that the Shang’s were a Royal Dynasty that ruled over ancient China between 1600BC to 1046 BCE.

Chair Champs

This morning we started our day with chair champs. One person from each year represented their class and went head to head with different years to win the trophy.  Year 2 won the trophy!!

Shrewsbury Battlefield

Today we went on a trip to the Battlefield Shrewsbury, we looked round the different areas and saw where the battle happened. We created and designed our own shields and visited the Battlefield church , sketching our very own designs. We had so much fun!!

Word Problems

Today in Maths we were doing different word problems based on division and multiplication. We had to underline the important information, which we new the numbers within the problem where our main focus. We used a variety of different methods to work out the word problems, but we made sure we read the question correctly to figure out the right method.

Identifying How Shrewsbury Has Grown Over The Centuries.

This afternoon , we designed 3D models of Shrewsbury. We discussed the unique buildings within Shrewsbury and used our knowledge to design black and white buildings. We talked about jobs that are needed in order to construct a town and discussed the role of an architect.

What do you know about Shrewsbury?


Harper Adams visit

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This afternoon we had a visit from Harper Adams. We completed lots of interesting and fun activities all about jobs. Such as matching jobs to their descriptions, which we found, lots of jobs descriptions might cross over into different jobs. … Continue reading

Wombridge News

This morning, we have become newspaper journalists. We have reported on the Battle of Shrewsbury. Did you know that the battle of Shrewsbury was in July 1403? The battle broke out between Henry Percy and Henry IV.

Who do you think won the battle?