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Home Learning Activities


On Friday we took part in the whole school throwing competition.


We have been looking at forces in science.

We made spinners and tested them to find out how to make them more aerodynamic and then how we could get them to stay in the air for the longest.

Keeping healthy

As part of our PE we have been taking part in timed activities. We then need to see if we can improve on these times. This then shows we have become much fitter than before.


At the farm we drew the landscape we could see around us. We then linked this to the maps and aerial photographs we have of the area.


We have been researching geometric patterns in maths, history and art. We then searched for natural fractals while at the farm.

Here we are looking at trees, leaves, ferns and flowers.

Natural patterns

At the farm we searched for patterns in nature. We linked this to our maths work on fractals.

Here we are taking rubbings of different patterns.


We created our own fillings to go inside our flatbreads. We used fruit and  vegetables we have been growing around school. These included lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and cucumber.

We also added cheese as we tried lots on our trip on Monday!


As part of our work on Science week we have made our own flatbreads.

Do you know which ingredient is ‘missing’ from our flatbread. It is the ingredient that makes the bread rise.

Plant sale

Today was the plant sale. We have grown and sold lots of different vegetables and flowers as part of our work on Science Week.