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We have been busy making sure our plants are growing. With all the sunny weather we need to make sure they have enough water.

Field to Fork

We went on a visit to Tesco’s to see how our food gets from the farms to our forks. we had a tour of the store to see how they keep our food fresh and looked after.

Courageous people

We have been looking at what courage is and people who have shown courage.

What do you think courage is?

Who do you think has been courageous in their life and why?

Roman numerals

We have been learning about roman numerals and using them in our maths work.

Can you use these numerals to work out the answers to these calculations:

24 + 16 =         36 + 65 =       112 + 540 =

9 x 9 =            1001 – 965 =        540 ÷ 9 =

Roman News!

As part of our literacy work we have been writing reports of the Iceni battle with the Romans.

This is Brandon’s newspaper report. He has called it the Nero News.

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-22-11-44Do you know why? Who was Nero?


Mosaic – Jessica

This is Jessica’s mosaic design showing Boudicca on her horse.screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-21-13-45


Mosaic – Elissa

The romans created mosaics to decorate their floors and walls.

This is Elissa’s mosaic design.screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-21-13-30


We are learning the skills and techniques for Tag Rugby.


Roman emperor!

As part of our work on Romans we have been finding out about the Roman emperors.

Do you know who the emperors were? Do you know any key facts about them?img_2372