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Construction and Coding Kit

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The lucky leaders in Class 8 have been set different challenges today. These leaders were the first children to use the construction and coding kit! The children used their team working skills to communicate effectively and work well as a … Continue reading

Classifying Animals

This afternoon, we have used code to classify animals. This linked with our new science topic which is Living Things.

Animals can be classified into different groups a number of different ways for example: carnivores, herbivores, animals that live on the land, animals that live in the sea, animals with 4 legs, animals with more or less than 4 legs.

We have used our problem solving and debugging skills in order to create a game that classifies animals into different groups.

How would you sort and classify animals into groups?

Here is an example of our code for our game:

Controlling aspects of a game

This afternoon we have used our coding skills to debug and programme code. We have followed a sequence of code and have used technical language.

We have coded long ships travel across the North Sea and have thought about the different routes that they could have taken.


This afternoon, we researched the distances from different countries to the UK. We discussed which countries the Saxons travelled from (Germany, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands) and thought about the possible methods of transport they would have used to get to and from each country.

We coded a long boat travelling across the North Sea to the UK.

Do you know the distance from Norway to the UK?

Making good and bad choices

Today in Re we discussed different scenarios for making good and bad choices. We discussed different choices and which one we would do e.g. saying kind words/ saying unkind words. We spoke about the consequences for the bad choices that we make. We went on to create a choice story using our ideas.

What good choices do you make?


Coding Skills

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This afternoon we have used our debugging skills using WeDo 2, we made a cooling fan using lego and using code we were able to change the speed of the fan and the direction it went in.     What … Continue reading