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Following a Recipe

This afternoon, we have followed a recipe to bake shortbread biscuits. To follow the recipe, we need to follow the instructions in chronological order. But, before we followed the recipe, we needed to use our maths skills to measure and weigh the ingredients. We can’t wait to try out our biscuits tomorrow!

What have you cooked this week?

Tasting Saxon Baked Apples

This afternoon, we tasted our cooking. We baked Saxon apples, we used honey instead of sugar because in the Saxon times sugar wasn’t discovered. The recipe was very simple to make and only needed 3 ingredients: honey, apples and sultanas.

What have you cooked this week in school?

Converting measures

Today in maths we was converting different types of measurements. We had to use our knowledge and understanding of conversions. For example, 100cm = 1m and 10mm = 1cm.

We used our maths skills to reason and problem solve.

We thought about when we might need to convert different types of measurements and identified that we have used it this week when we have been cooking recipes.

Have you been challenged today in maths?

Leek and Pea Soup

Today we have followed a simple recipe to create leek and pea soup. We used our maths skills to scale a recipe and convert measures. We carefully measured the ingredients using apparatus as we had to measure it in grams and millilitres.

We sent it to the kitchen for it to be cooked so we can enjoy it tomorrow!

What have you cooked recently in class?

Cooking with Will

Today, we have a special visitor visit our school. In October we made salami, we decided what ingredients we wanted to put into it and call it a ‘Wombridge salami’.

Today, we got to taste our salami that we created last year.

Did you know? Our meat was cured from the 28th of October and heated at 25 degrees.

Saxon oat cookies

Today we made Saxon oat cookies. We followed a recipe and used our maths skills to measure amounts and covert different units of amounts.

We enjoyed making the cookies and most of all enjoyed eating them!

Did you know that in the Saxon times they used dried fruit instead of sugar because sugar was not yet discovered!


Cooking Bread and Butter Pudding

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Today in class 8 we have been cooking bread and butter pudding, this is a war time recipe. We consolidated our maths learning over this week, to work out how much ingredients would be needed by adding and subtracting fractions … Continue reading

Pumpkin Soup

This morning Class 8 have been cooking, we have made pumpkin soup.

We used our literacy skills to write up instructions in chronological order, then following these steps did some cooking. we discussed how it was important to follow the steps n chronological order to ensure the recipe comes out how we expect.

What have you cooked this week?


This afternoon we have been cooking pancakes , the ingredients we have used is eggs, wholewheat flour, a pinch of salt, milk and water.


  1. Mix all the wet ingredients together.
  2. Mix all the dry ingredients together.
  3. Once you have mixed the ingredients, slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients to create a stiff batter then continue add the rest.Beat it well until smooth.
  4. Add a little bit of margarine into the pan and wait until it s bubbling.
  5. Pour in the batter and cook until both sides of the batter are brown.

We had such fun cooking our pancakes.

What do you like on your pancakes?

Cooking Pear Crumble

Today Class 8 have been using a war time recipe to cook pear crumble, we talked about how we have been using our math and literacy skills with in our cooking, we have  focused on using multiplication skills to ensure there was enough ingredients for the whole class and measuring skills to ensure the correct amount of ingredients was used, we also used literacy skills to read the instructions in chronological order.

What maths and literacy skills have you used today?