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Cooking award

This afternoon we have been learning to use the chiffonade cut. When might you use this cut?


After the holidays our garden area was full of vegetables. This afternoon Class 8 helped to weed our outside area and harvest some of the vegetables. What can we plant next?


Do you know why we have used potatoes in our salad?

Where did potatoes come from? How did they get to England?

When were they first introduced to England? 




We have cooked potato salad today.

We used these ingredients: Potatoes, mayonnaise, spring onions, red onions, grated carrots, red peppers and green peppers.

Roman Libum Cake

As part of our work on Romans in history and Instructions in literacy, we have made roman style Libum Cakes.


They are a type of cheesecake style food.

Pancake ingredients

Whilst waiting for our pancakes to cook, we have been busy carrying out research to find out all the people and processes involved in getting the ingredients to the shops. How many people and/or processes are involved in getting milk to the shops?


Today we have made pancakes because it is Shrove Tuesday. Why do we have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday?



Class 8 are vegetables and flowers this half term. Can you name 4 vegetables that can be planted in January?        


Today we made  Greek salad. Can you remember what ingredients are in a Greek salad? What was your favourite ingredient?

Welcome back

Happy New Year! Our topic this term in class 8 is Ancient Greeks. What do you know about Ancient Greeks? What is your topic this term?