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Making our Greek Models!

We have been making our Greek Models that we had designed. We have used cardboard, paper, sellotape and lots more to make them. What would you use to make your Greek model?

Adding the finishing touches to our Greek Urns!

This afternoon we all finished off our Greek Urns by putting our own individual patterns on them. What do you think of the Greek Urns?


Making our Greek Urns!

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This afternoon we have had a lot of fun making our Greek Urns. We used a balloon and then we paper mache the ballon ready for us to decorate it when it has all dried. How would you make a … Continue reading

Designing our Ancient Greek pots!

This afternoon we have looked at Ancient Greeks pots. We have then designed our own pots. What design would you do for yours?


Anglo Saxon brooches

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This afternoon we have been using salt dough and our final design to create our Anglo Saxon brooch. Who would have worn a brooch in Anglo Saxon times?


Multi-media presentation!

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This afternoon we have been doing a multi- media presentation on Beowulf. We have been outside recording sounds and making video’s to go in our presentation. As well as drawing our characters and using garage band to make music. What … Continue reading



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This afternoon we have created our own animations using scratch coding. We have used rapid costume changes for a motion effect and the repeat command to create gradual movement. How have you used coding?

Titania and Oberon Masks

At the farm we collected lots of different natural materials and used these to create a mask that could be used when we act out ‘A Midsummer nights dream’. we picked different leaves, blossoms and grasses to create a mask that could be used for Titania or for Oberon.


Roman Libum Cake

As part of our work on Romans in history and Instructions in literacy, we have made roman style Libum Cakes.


They are a type of cheesecake style food.

Pancake ingredients

Whilst waiting for our pancakes to cook, we have been busy carrying out research to find out all the people and processes involved in getting the ingredients to the shops. How many people and/or processes are involved in getting milk to the shops?