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Creating a Shelter

This afternoon, we have designed a shelter for our desert island. We had to think about the structure of our shelter for it to be able to protect us from predators and all weather conditions. We also thought about the colour of our shelter and decided it would be a good idea to colour it with leaves so that it is camouflaged.

What does your shelter look like?

Creating a flood proof house

Today we faced the challenge of creating a house that is protected from flooding. We were given lots of materials to choose from and had to read their properties carefully to help us decide which one to choose.

Once we had our materials chosen we had to work out prices and check our budget. What was your budget and what materials did you choose?


Today we have learnt about how we can save our planet. We have created an information text, identifying ways we can help save our planet. For example: recycling, cutting down on pollution and growing more fruit and vegetables in the UK so that it is not shipped from overseas.

We created bird feeders out of recycled plastic bottles.

How do you recycle at home?

Theme Park Floor Plan

This week our focus is about building a theme park. Today we used square paper to design a floor plan of how we would like our theme park to look. Each ride had a different surface area so we had to think carefully about where to locate each ride or attraction.

What rides have you got in your theme park? Share your ideas with us.

An Anglo-Saxon Village

Today we learnt about why the Saxons established their own villages. We found out that villagers who lived in the villages had established their own jobs, for example: clearing and ploughing the ground, grinding flour and making bread, and growing crops and tending to livestock.

We designed our own Saxon village.

Did you know that Saxons set up their own village near a water supply for drinking water and fishing for food.

What would you include in your Saxon village?

How, what and why questions

Today in literacy we have been asking how, what and why questions about artefacts that were discovered in the Saxon times.

We also identified that how, what and why questions are types of questions that are asked in explanation texts.

We made predictions about what we thought the artefacts were.

Can you give an example of an artefact?

Making our Greek Models!

We have been making our Greek Models that we had designed. We have used cardboard, paper, sellotape and lots more to make them. What would you use to make your Greek model?

Adding the finishing touches to our Greek Urns!

This afternoon we all finished off our Greek Urns by putting our own individual patterns on them. What do you think of the Greek Urns?


Making our Greek Urns!

This gallery contains 9 photos.

This afternoon we have had a lot of fun making our Greek Urns. We used a balloon and then we paper mache the ballon ready for us to decorate it when it has all dried. How would you make a … Continue reading

Designing our Ancient Greek pots!

This afternoon we have looked at Ancient Greeks pots. We have then designed our own pots. What design would you do for yours?