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Today we have made pancakes because it is Shrove Tuesday. Why do we have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday?


Today we made  Greek salad. Can you remember what ingredients are in a Greek salad? What was your favourite ingredient?



  In art we have been learning how to sketch. We have used very light strokes and then we sketch it a bit harder to make a part of the sketch stand out. We were all given a description to draw … Continue reading

Welcome back

Happy New Year! Our topic this term in class 8 is Ancient Greeks. What do you know about Ancient Greeks? What is your topic this term? 



Anglo Saxon Sheath

Today we have been researching and designing Anglo Saxon sheaths. Do you know what a sheath is?     

Egg blowing.

As part of National Egg Week, Class 8 have been taking part in experiments. We have been egg blowing to create Anglo Saxon soldiers?. What else can we do with eggs? 


Anglo Saxon shelters

Today we have collected to sticks from the woodlands to build an Anglo Saxon huts. We are using sticks, clay, wool and straws to create our structures. What would you use to create an Anglo Saxon shelter? 


Class 8 Brooches

Today we have painted and evaluated our Anglo Saxon brooches. How well did you stick to your plan?

Anglo Saxon trip.

Today class 8 have enjoyed visiting the Potteries Museaum and art gallery where they have taken part in different activities to do with their topic. What was your favourite part of the visit?


Class 8 Anglo Saxon Brooches

We have begun making our Anglo Saxon brooches. We are using jewels and stones to decorate them. What jewels would you have on your brooch?