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Harper Adams visit

Today we had Harper Adams visit some of the year 5’s and year 6’s from Class 8. The students from Harper brought their game that they have created and wanted us to evaluate the effectiveness of their games. Harper Adams students brought their games alongside a presentation to introduce their activity. After, we got the opportunity to test and try out the games. The games involved us using our farming award knowledge and understanding as well as our maths and literacy.

Which game did you enjoy the most?

Harper Adams Trip

Today some year 5’s and 6’s from Class 8 had the chance to visit Harper Adams University. Our day was filled with lots of fun and interactive activities which Harper Adams students led, for example: we have been learning about food miles and how far our food travels from, autonomous farming machines and the importance of bees and insects.

Did you know strawberries come from America in the Winter?

An Anglo-Saxon Village

Today we learnt about why the Saxons established their own villages. We found out that villagers who lived in the villages had established their own jobs, for example: clearing and ploughing the ground, grinding flour and making bread, and growing crops and tending to livestock.

We designed our own Saxon village.

Did you know that Saxons set up their own village near a water supply for drinking water and fishing for food.

What would you include in your Saxon village?


Instructional writing

Today in Literacy our learning objective was to write an instructional text based on the herbs that we have planted.

First of all, we had to decided what equipment we needed in order to plant and care for our herbs.

Then, we had to recount the method that we used to plant our herbs.

We used our literacy skills and included imperative verbs when writing our method.

What herbs have you planted?


A visit from Harper Adams

Today we were fortunate enough to have student’s visit us from Harper Adams University. The school council and shadow council took them for a tour around the school. We were able to talk to the students about our farming award and what we are learning about.

What question would you ask Harper Adams students about farming and agriculture?

Cooking with Will

Today, we have a special visitor visit our school. In October we made salami, we decided what ingredients we wanted to put into it and call it a ‘Wombridge salami’.

Today, we got to taste our salami that we created last year.

Did you know? Our meat was cured from the 28th of October and heated at 25 degrees.


This afternoon class 8 have been looking into the life of a farmer and the jobs they have throughout each month, we chose a month and created an animation on the information we had found.

Do you know how the life of a farmer would differ through each month?

Developing Farming Knowledge

This afternoon we have been researching information to develop our understanding of farming and agriculture, we have been looking at what the different forms of land use over the 4 seasons are.


Do you know what the different uses of land are during each season?

The best season to grow different plants

This afternoon, we have looked at the best season to grow sunflowers, lavatera and sweet peas. We have planted the seeds of the plants in pots ready to sell during our plant sale. We have analysed the best months to grow plants, outdoors, indoors and when the plants flower.

Did you know a sunflower grows up to 180cm.

Life on a farm through different seasons

This afternoon, we each designed a poster to inform others of life inside a farmers’ life. We have had a visit off Harper Adam’s university who informed us of the typical day farmers have and considered what might happen on the farm during different seasons.

Did you know that lambing season is in spring?