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Tasting Greek yoghurt and honey!

This afternoon we tasted Greek yoghurt and honey then gave our verdict on the taste. Have you tried Greek yoghurt and honey?

Flat bread

Class 8 enjoyed making flat bread to have their herb butter on. Which was your favourite herb butter?


Carrot soup

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Today class 8 made a variation of carrot and coriander soup. They made carrot and mint soup, carrot and rosemary soup and carrot and sage soup. Which one was your favourite?


Class 8 were very excited to have the BBC visit their school! Some of year 6 thought of some questions to ask the interviewer and cameraman to find out more about their jobs. Do you know what BBC stands for?

Does petroleum jelly affect photosynthesis?

This afternoon we have been discussing and looking at whether petroleum jelly will affect photosynthesis. We wrote up our investigation including our prediction, independent variable, dependent variable, controlled variable and the method we are going to use. Do you think petroleum jelly will affect photosynthesis?

Our light investigation!

This afternoon we looked at the seeds we had planted and kept them in different areas. We found out that the ones in the cupboard and by the window had grown. We did notice the one in the cupboard was grown and the one by the window has grown green. We then wrote our conclusion to our investigation on the findings we had produced. Why do you think one grew yellow and one grew green?


Discovery barn

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Year 6 enjoyed visiting the discovery barn today where they felt what it was like to milk a cow and drive a combine harvester. What did you discover at the discovery barn?

Does light affect how plants grow!

As a class we are carrying out an investigation to see whether light affect how the plants grow. We have placed them in different places to see. We have put some in the greenhouse, classroom and cupboard. Do you think light affects how plants grow?



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Our seeds are growing! What recipes can you think of that use peas, broad beans or spring onions?



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This afternoon we have taken part in planting some seeds. We have planted spring onion, broad beans and pea seeds. We are growing our seeds so we can use them in our cooking. What would you plant?