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Our Week about Rainforest’s

This week we have been learning about rainforest’s. Today we consolidated our learning for the week and have created multi-media presentations.

We used our IT skills to present our knowledge and key facts.

Some of our presentations included sound effects, voice overs, animations and transitions.

What facts do you know about the rainforest?

Data Collecting

Today we have used a data collection device to analyse the temperature outside. We have compared it to the temperatures in the rainforest, it is very humid in the rainforest.

What do you predict the weather is going to be?


Using Different Art Techniques

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Today we have been learning about the different animals that live in the rainforest. We have created fact-files about the different animals. We applied our art skills and designed a rainforest animal on a different textured surface. What rainforest animal … Continue reading

Rainforest Animals

This afternoon we have been practicing our art skills to create a collage of different rainforest animals. There are lots of different animals that live in the rainforest.

We used layering to add different materials to create a collage.

What animal did you choose?




This week our topic is based on rainforests. Today we have learnt about the four layers to the rainforest. We thought about the different animals that appear within the different layers of the rainforest. We drew our own rainforest on … Continue reading


Writing an Explanation Text

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In Literacy we have focused on explanation texts. An explanation text is  a non-fiction text which describes how things happen or why things happen. We have written our explanation text about surviving the desert island. Things that we spoke about … Continue reading

Creating a Shelter

This afternoon, we have designed a shelter for our desert island. We had to think about the structure of our shelter for it to be able to protect us from predators and all weather conditions. We also thought about the colour of our shelter and decided it would be a good idea to colour it with leaves so that it is camouflaged.

What does your shelter look like?

Chariot Racing

Today we used control devices to code and de-bug. We have been learning about the Romans and found out that a popular sport in Roman times was indeed chariot racing.

We have challenged each other to chariot races around an arena. The person who’s chariot got around the track two times and across the finish line won the race!

What other sports were there in the Roman times?



This afternoon we have been learning about volcanos. We consolidated our learning from last week on natural disasters.

We ordered the events of a volcano erupting. Did you know that there are over 1510 active volcanos.

What fact did you find out about volcanos?

Creating a flood proof house

Today we faced the challenge of creating a house that is protected from flooding. We were given lots of materials to choose from and had to read their properties carefully to help us decide which one to choose.

Once we had our materials chosen we had to work out prices and check our budget. What was your budget and what materials did you choose?