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Shrewsbury Research

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Ready for Class 8’s trip to Shrewsbury battlefields they researched and gathered information about Shrewsbury now and during the battle in 1403. Have you visited shrewsbury battlefields?  

Kings and Queens

Today in Topic, Class 8 created a tudor family tree identifying the different queens and kings in the tudor times.  They used the song ‘divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived’ to remind them of Henry VIII and his six wives.

Can you name Henry VIII wives?



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Today, we have been to Wroxeter, the Roman ruins in Shrewsbury. We were able to look at an old Roman Town House and see ruins that were actually there when the Romans were! We also had a go at pretending … Continue reading


All about the Romans

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This afternoon, we have been making E-Books and keynotes all about the Romans! We have been typing up facts about them as well as recording ourselves saying the different facts. What do you know about the Romans?

Ancient Greeks!

Well done to everyone who completed some activities in the holidays related to Ancient Greeks. What have you learnt about Ancient Greeks?



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Today we held a minutes silence as a gesture of respect for the people who lost their lives in WWI and WWII.

Operation Christmas child

Today Class 8 have begun to wrap their shoe boxes ready for filling with gifts. Some leaders have helped to count the pennies the classes have collected. With a total of £48.43 raised in loose change. Well done all!


Science animations

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This afternoon we have been busy creating animations to show what we know about electricity. Some of us have looked at how circuits need to be complete to work and some of us have created animations based on our science … Continue reading


Anglo Saxon brooches

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This afternoon we have been using salt dough and our final design to create our Anglo Saxon brooch. Who would have worn a brooch in Anglo Saxon times?


Anglo Saxon Visit

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Today we visited the Potteries Museum in Stoke-On-Trent. We enjoyed learning about the Staffordshire Hoard and looking at some of the items on display. We created our own Anglo Saxon style clay pots and took part in an interactive scenario … Continue reading