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Battlefield Church

As part of our visit to Battlefield in Shrewsbury we visited St Mary Magdalene Church.

It finished being built in 1409. It has carved figures and faces of Henry IV and knights that fought in the battle around it.

We then went inside and saw carvings of the shields for the different people in the battle.

Battlefield history display

We looked around the display that was created with artefacts about the Battle of Shrewsbury.

There were suits of armour and even a model head of Prince Henry with the arrow in his head!

Battlefield visit

Today we went on a visit to Battlefield in Shrewsbury. It was here that Henry IV defeated Harry Hotspur. It was the first battle where English archers fought each other on English soil.

We walked around the fields where it is believed that the battle took place on in 1403.

Writing like Shakespeare

We used feathers and ink to try and write in the same way as Shakespeare may have written.



It was a little bit difficult to get our writing as neat as we wanted – the ink was also a bit blobby!

Class book

In class we are reading ‘The King of Shadows”. It is about a young actor who somehow goes back in time to the time of Shakespeare.

We would you go if you could travel through time?


Where in the world?

Where have we been on our studies?

Can you name the locations we have visited while finding out about Shakespeare and his plays?


Do you know why we have used potatoes in our salad?

Where did potatoes come from? How did they get to England?

When were they first introduced to England? 



Liam’s writing

Liam has written a letter to Ophelia explaining how much Hamlet misses her.

This is part of his writing:

The sad times keep returning, they leave me feeling scared. I am simply unable to get rid of this feeling when you are not here.

Letter to Ophelia

As part of our work on Hamlet we have been writing letters.

This is part of Aidan’s letter to Ophelia asking her to come back to him:

When you are near I am happy. When you are away I feel as if part of my heart is missing.


Chinese New Year

Today we researched Chinese New Year.

This is Milo’s writing about what a Chinese street festival may have been like. He has used his learning on similes to help:

The Chinese Dragon is as scary as a roaring lion. The smoke covered the area and confetti rained down like cats and dogs. We decorated our home with red flowers and now it looks so beautiful.