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King Alfred the Great

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Today in history we have been learning about King Alfred the Great. Did you know he was the only king to be called the Great? We have consolidated our learning in literacy and applied it to our learning in history. … Continue reading

Safer Internet Day

Today we have explored the importance of staying safe online. We discussed why it is important to be safe on the internet and what the dangers are on the internet.

Our top tips include:

  • don’t talk to strangers
  • don’t give out passwords
  • don’t give out personal information
  • be kind
  • don’t try to act like somebody you’re not

Do you have any top tips for staying safe on the internet?


Instructional writing

Today in Literacy our learning objective was to write an instructional text based on the herbs that we have planted.

First of all, we had to decided what equipment we needed in order to plant and care for our herbs.

Then, we had to recount the method that we used to plant our herbs.

We used our literacy skills and included imperative verbs when writing our method.

What herbs have you planted?



This afternoon, we researched the distances from different countries to the UK. We discussed which countries the Saxons travelled from (Germany, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands) and thought about the possible methods of transport they would have used to get to and from each country.

We coded a long boat travelling across the North Sea to the UK.

Do you know the distance from Norway to the UK?

Making good and bad choices

Today in Re we discussed different scenarios for making good and bad choices. We discussed different choices and which one we would do e.g. saying kind words/ saying unkind words. We spoke about the consequences for the bad choices that we make. We went on to create a choice story using our ideas.

What good choices do you make?

The Circulatory System

Today in science we looked at the human circulatory system. We reminded ourselves of the different organs that are in our circulatory system and identified their function.

We created animations on parts of the heart or lungs. We used our scientific understanding and used key vocabulary.

Did you know the heart is mainly muscle!

Coding directions

This afternoon, we coded directions out for the Saxons to travel to their kingdom. We thought about the directions which they travel for example, north, south, east and west. We used our atlas skills to talk about the direction of the different countries.

Can you name any countries the Saxons travelled from?



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Today class 8 used ICT to take freeze frames to re-enact a Shakespeare play. Who is your favourite Shakespeare character?

Today class 8 used ICT to to take photos to capture freeze frames to re-enact a Shakespeare play.

Who is your favourite Shakespeare character?


Safer Internet Day

Today is safer internet day.  This afternoon Class 8 discussed the importance of being safe online.  They made posters, created a video and completed a quiz all about being safe online.

How do you keep safe online?