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Pumpkin Soup

This morning Class 8 have been cooking, we have made pumpkin soup.

We used our literacy skills to write up instructions in chronological order, then following these steps did some cooking. we discussed how it was important to follow the steps n chronological order to ensure the recipe comes out how we expect.

What have you cooked this week?

Wombridge News

Class 8 have been looking at newspaper reports in Literacy. Today, we have been busy journalists and publishers, publishing newspapers. We have reported on the Battle of Normandy, which is also known as D-Day. D-day happened on the 6th June, 1944 which was led by the Allied forces (known as Britain, USA and Canada) who wanted to punish Germany.

Did you know D-day was the largest seaborne invasion?

Writing a biography

This week, our literacy focus has been biographies. A biography is an account of a person’s life, that is written by somebody else. We have focused on the main WW2 leaders and have collected factual information this week, in order to write  a biography.

Did you know that Adolf Hitler was born in Austria-Hungry and wasn’t German?

Cooking Pear Crumble

Today Class 8 have been using a war time recipe to cook pear crumble, we talked about how we have been using our math and literacy skills with in our cooking, we have  focused on using multiplication skills to ensure there was enough ingredients for the whole class and measuring skills to ensure the correct amount of ingredients was used, we also used literacy skills to read the instructions in chronological order.

What maths and literacy skills have you used today?

We would like the war to stop…

Following on from our book, ‘Letters of the Lighthouse’, we have written persuasive letters to the government, persuading Winston Churchill for the war to stop.

What reasons would you give for the war to stop?

Making inferences

Our topic for this term is WW2. We have started to read Letters from the Lighthouse. Before we started reading the first chapter, we observed the illustrations on the front cover and read the blurb. Making an inference means making a logical guess based on the text tea we have read.

Have you made inferences when you have read this week?

Choice Stories

To round off our myth topic in literacy, we have created our own choice stories using IT. We created a story with inspiration from myths that we have been reading. A choice story is an interactive story that allows you to choose different choices.

What is your favourite story?

Mythical Monsters

In literacy we have been learning all about myths. A myth is a story with a deep symbolic meaning, which is usually in the past, thousands of years ago.

Today we have created mythical monsters for our mythical stories and have used adjectives, similes and metaphors to give our monster characteristics.

Interactive information texts

This week, we have been very busy creating interactive information texts. We have used keynote to create a contents page, glossary, fact boxes and diagrams. We have used our coding knowledge to link different slides together.

Today we have peer assessed each others learning.

Non-chronological reports

Class 8 have been learning all about non-chronoligcal reports this week in literacy. Non-chronoligcal reports contain factual information and are usually in non-fiction books. We have each created a non-chronological report and have used different features including: title, subheadings, diagrams, fact boxes and paragraphs of factual information.

What was the last non-fiction book that you read?