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Our Week about Rainforest’s

This week we have been learning about rainforest’s. Today we consolidated our learning for the week and have created multi-media presentations.

We used our IT skills to present our knowledge and key facts.

Some of our presentations included sound effects, voice overs, animations and transitions.

What facts do you know about the rainforest?


Using Different Art Techniques

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Today we have been learning about the different animals that live in the rainforest. We have created fact-files about the different animals. We applied our art skills and designed a rainforest animal on a different textured surface. What rainforest animal … Continue reading



This week our topic is based on rainforests. Today we have learnt about the four layers to the rainforest. We thought about the different animals that appear within the different layers of the rainforest. We drew our own rainforest on … Continue reading

Literacy – Non-fiction writing

Can you think of an example of non-fiction writing?

Remember to comment your learning on the blog.


Writing an Explanation Text

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In Literacy we have focused on explanation texts. An explanation text is  a non-fiction text which describes how things happen or why things happen. We have written our explanation text about surviving the desert island. Things that we spoke about … Continue reading

Desert Island

Today we found ourselves stranded on a deserted island. We had the dilemma of being able to only take 4 items in our bags. We carefully thought about the different items as we thought about possible challenges that we may face.

What were the 4 items that you took with you?

Wombridge News Reporters

Today we have become news reporters, we have reported all about Julius Caesar’s invasion into Britain.

We used key features of newspaper articles including: punchy headlines, key facts, pictures with captions, speech.

What punchy headline did you use?

Animating a Story

This afternoon, we animated a story using IT based on the Romans. We used key features of narrative stories for example, speech, characters, settings, key events.

What was your story about?


This afternoon we have been learning about volcanos. We consolidated our learning from last week on natural disasters.

We ordered the events of a volcano erupting. Did you know that there are over 1510 active volcanos.

What fact did you find out about volcanos?

Planning a Holiday

Today we planned a once in a lifetime trip to Australia! We were given a scenario and had to search through a brochure to plan the perfect holiday.

We used our maths skills in order to work out the total price of the holiday. For example, we added up the total cost of the accommodation, flights and activities. We also had to multiply the total price of the hotel per night by 7.

How much was the holiday that you planned?