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Coding Sphero to move

This week in maths we have been learning about angles. We have used our knowledge on different types of angles to measure missing angles using a protractor. Today, we have used Sphero to code different shapes containing different angles.

Did you know an equilateral triangle has 60 degree angles and all angles add up to 180 degrees within a triangle.


Today in class, we have be learning about the perimeter of a shape. We used a ruler to measure the length of the sides, as we know that in order to find the perimeter we need to add all of the sides together. This is an example of our learning that we did today:

Can you think of any objects in the classroom that we can find the perimeter of?



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Class 8 have been multiplying 4 digit numbers by 1 digit, to solve problems.  They used column method. What ways could you multiply?


Rounding to estimate

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Today in Maths, Class 8 looked at rounding to estimate.  They rounded, made an estimate and then worked out the sum through column addition. How do you round?

Comparing Measurements

Today in maths as a class we were comparing different measurements such as centimetres and feet. Some of the class participated in an activity that consisted of them taking each others measurements in centimetres, converting it into feet and recording the information in a table. Once the information was gathered they drew their own line graph and plotted each point on accurately.

Do you know how many centimetres are in a foot?

Drawing a Line Graph

In maths today we have used the knowledge that 5 miles is equivalent to 8km, to draw a line graph all the way up to 20 miles. We plotted the points and then drew the line to complete the graph.

Do you know how many km is equivalent to 20 miles?


Bus stop method

This week, in maths, we have been learning the bus stop method. This is a method that you can use while you are dividing. We have all been doing really well. Can you explain how to use the bus stop … Continue reading



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This morning, we have been doing multiplication. We have been using both grid method and the short multiplication method. What do you know about the short multiplication method?


Straight lines

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Today, in maths, we have been thinking about straight lines and how they are equal to 180 degrees. We have been using subtraction to help us to calculate missing angles.  


Column Subtraction

This week, we have started to look at column subtraction. When doing column subtraction it is important to always start subtracting with the number on the right hand side. Why do you think you have to do this?