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Column Addition with decimals

This week we have been working with decimals! Today we have started to use addition with decimals. It’s important when doing this that you use place value properly to make sure that you add the right numbers together. Do you … Continue reading

Designing our own garden centre!

This morning we have been given a task to create our own garden centre. We have been given a budget of 1000 pound. We have chosen features we want in our garden and used the four operations to ensure we do not go over our budget. What would you have in your garden centre?

Finding missing angles!

Today in Maths we have been finding missing angles. We know that a triangle and a straight line has 180 degrees and a quadrilateral and round a point is 360. We were given certain angles and had to find the missing one. We were also able to explain how we found a missing angle. Do you know how to find missing angles of a triangle?

Measuring heights and angles!

This afternoon we all followed instructions to make an astrolabe. We then used the astrolabe we made to measure the height of objects. Do you know what an astrolabe is?

Solving reasoning problems!

In maths we have been solving reasoning questions. We made sure we checked to see if our answers were right too. Can you answer reasoning questions?


Chair champs!

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This morning one child from each year group took part in chair champs. We would like to say a big well done to everyone who took part. A massive congratulations to Brandon who got the winning time, well done. We … Continue reading

Learning how to find a rule using one step!

This morning in Maths we have been looking at function machines. We have been looking at the input and output of different function machine. We have learnt how to work out the input and output. Do you know how to find a rule using one step?

Coding- Times table game!

This afternoon we have been doing our coding and making a times table game. Do you know what coding is?


Describing ratios between quantities!

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This morning we have being looking at ratios and how to scale up and down keeping the ratio the same. We have been adapting recipes and keeping the ratio the same. We have been adapting pizza recipes to make 2, … Continue reading

Finding the area of triangles!

This morning we have been finding the area of given triangles. We know that to find the area of a triangle the formula is 1/2bh as well knowing we measure in cm2. Do you know how to find the area of a triangle?