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Coding Skills

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This afternoon we have used our debugging skills using WeDo 2, we made a cooling fan using lego and using code we were able to change the speed of the fan and the direction it went in.     What … Continue reading


Cooking Bread and Butter Pudding

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Today in class 8 we have been cooking bread and butter pudding, this is a war time recipe. We consolidated our maths learning over this week, to work out how much ingredients would be needed by adding and subtracting fractions … Continue reading


This morning, in maths our learning objective was to find fractions of amounts. We thought about how we find fractions of amounts in everyday life, for example, when we cook, we find different fractions of amounts. To find a fraction of an amount, we need to use our division and multiplication skills.

Have you found a fractions of an amount cooking this week?



Morse Code

This afternoon Class 8 have researched Samuel Morse and how morse code was used to send messages between soldiers during the war, in pairs we have created a morse code game using scratch.


What do you know about Morse code and how it was used during World War 2?

Cooking Pear Crumble

Today Class 8 have been using a war time recipe to cook pear crumble, we talked about how we have been using our math and literacy skills with in our cooking, we have  focused on using multiplication skills to ensure there was enough ingredients for the whole class and measuring skills to ensure the correct amount of ingredients was used, we also used literacy skills to read the instructions in chronological order.

What maths and literacy skills have you used today?

Dig for Victory

Did you know a ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign was set up during World War 2. This was because men and women were forced to grow their own fruit and vegetables because of the shortage of foods. People living in the UK were going through rationing, which they were limited to their supplies of food.

Today, we have researched the Dig for Victory campaign and designed our own gardens. We thought carefully about the measurement and the cost of the items.

Data Harvest


Class 8 have been comparing Data, using Data Harvest we have measured the amount of light that our plants are getting in our out door flower bed and in the green house, we measured the amount of light for 2 minutes for each area and it produced a graph with results, Our results shown that the out door flower bed receives more light than in the green house, over the next few weeks we are going to see how this effects the growth of the plants.


Chair Champs!

To finish off the year, we held our annual chair champs competition. Tom from Class 7 represented Year 5. Chair champs is a mental maths competition which tests children’s math skills. Tom is the champion and managed to compete in the final round with an immense score of 14.77 seconds.

Class 8 say well done to Tom and everyone that has taken part in todays chair champs.

Plant Sale

Over the last few weeks we have been busy planting and growing plants, ready for the big event today. We have grown lots of vegetable plants including: tomato plants, lettuce, basil, parsley, radish and rocket. We all had a chance to buy a plant/ plants.

In maths today we have explored the job roles of gardeners and accountants. We have designed our own garden using our math skills to budget ourselves.

What plant did you buy from the plant sale?

Coding Sphero to move

This week in maths we have been learning about angles. We have used our knowledge on different types of angles to measure missing angles using a protractor. Today, we have used Sphero to code different shapes containing different angles.

Did you know an equilateral triangle has 60 degree angles and all angles add up to 180 degrees within a triangle.