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After the holidays our garden area was full of vegetables. This afternoon Class 8 helped to weed our outside area and harvest some of the vegetables. What can we plant next?


While on our visit we got to see and stroke an Owl from the falconry centre.

It’s feathers were really soft to touch.

Battlefield Church

As part of our visit to Battlefield in Shrewsbury we visited St Mary Magdalene Church.

It finished being built in 1409. It has carved figures and faces of Henry IV and knights that fought in the battle around it.

We then went inside and saw carvings of the shields for the different people in the battle.

Battlefield visit

Today we went on a visit to Battlefield in Shrewsbury. It was here that Henry IV defeated Harry Hotspur. It was the first battle where English archers fought each other on English soil.

We walked around the fields where it is believed that the battle took place on in 1403.

Titania and Oberon Masks

At the farm we collected lots of different natural materials and used these to create a mask that could be used when we act out ‘A Midsummer nights dream’. we picked different leaves, blossoms and grasses to create a mask that could be used for Titania or for Oberon.


Field games

At the farm we got to play a huge game of ‘Sticks’.

Year 6 had 5 sticks and so did we. We had to protect our sticks and make sure they were not taken. If we got caught we had to stay in ‘prison’ until one of our friends could get us out.

It was a long way back up the field!


Writing like Shakespeare

We used feathers and ink to try and write in the same way as Shakespeare may have written.



It was a little bit difficult to get our writing as neat as we wanted – the ink was also a bit blobby!


We have been writing our own sonnet style poems linked to our work on ‘A midsummer nights dream’.


What is a rhyming couplet?

Can you write your own?



We have cooked potato salad today.

We used these ingredients: Potatoes, mayonnaise, spring onions, red onions, grated carrots, red peppers and green peppers.


We are learning the skills and techniques for Tag Rugby.