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Construction and Coding Kit

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The lucky leaders in Class 8 have been set different challenges today. These leaders were the first children to use the construction and coding kit! The children used their team working skills to communicate effectively and work well as a … Continue reading

Classifying Animals

This afternoon we have collected and interpreted data.

We wanted to find out where the best place in school was for different types of habitats for animals. We used a data collector and measured the temperature of different rooms including: the classroom, fridge, outdoors, dining hall and greenhouse. We found out that the temperature in the classroom would be a suitable temperature for reptiles, as reptiles live in a habitat of 70-85 degrees fahrenheit.

What temperate do you predict the classroom to be?

Passing in Basketball

This half term, we are focusing on basketball. Today we have learnt different types of passing: chest pass and bounce pass (these are two common types of pass). When practicing our passing, we thought about different ways we can travel. Passing is important to practice in basketball as it helps to score easy points. Practicing different types of passing also helped to develop our team working and communication skills.

What did you learn this week in P.E?

Reenacting 1066

In literacy, we have been practicing our speaking and listening skills. We rehearsed our acting skills and reenacted the Battle of Hastings.

We created shield walls to stop the Norman cavalry getting through, but unfortunately the shield wall was broken and rode through the English, hacking them down.

We also pretended to be King Harold as sadly an arrow was hit in his eye and killed him.

Do you know any facts about the Battle of Hastings?

Harper Adams Trip

Today some year 5’s and 6’s from Class 8 had the chance to visit Harper Adams University. Our day was filled with lots of fun and interactive activities which Harper Adams students led, for example: we have been learning about food miles and how far our food travels from,¬†autonomous farming machines and the importance of bees and insects.

Did you know strawberries come from America in the Winter?


Today we played a hockey match, the class was split into 4 teams in which there was 2 pitches to play matches.

The rules of a hockey match is: keep your stick below your waist, two hands on the stick when dribbling and only goal keepers can use their feet.

We focused on dribbling and passing but we needed to think about space around us in order to pass tactically.

What have you learnt this week in P.E?

Planning and predicting

This afternoon, we planned and carried out a science investigation, we want to find out the effects of exercise on our body, particularly our heart.

We predict that the more we exercise the faster our heart rate.

We practiced skipping to test out our predictions.

What would you predict?



Our topic this term for P.E is hockey!

Today in P.E we have been learning about ball control. Our focus today was to get past defenders, we learnt how to shield a ball in order to get past the defenders and score. We also learnt how to pass a ball into space and run around the defender to shoot.

What have you done this week in P.E?

Data Harvest

This afternoon class 8 have been using Data Harvest to gather data on humidity and light, we measured the humidity and light in the outside area as well as the green house to see the difference. We talked about how sunlight would effect humidity, and the children have learnt that the sunlight will cause a rise in temperature which will cause the water to evaporate and cause more humidity.


Do you think plants will grow better with more or less humidity?


After the holidays our garden area was full of vegetables. This afternoon Class 8 helped to weed our outside area and harvest some of the vegetables. What can we plant next?