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Passing in Basketball

This half term, we are focusing on basketball. Today we have learnt different types of passing: chest pass and bounce pass (these are two common types of pass). When practicing our passing, we thought about different ways we can travel. Passing is important to practice in basketball as it helps to score easy points. Practicing different types of passing also helped to develop our team working and communication skills.

What did you learn this week in P.E?

Sponsored Skip

Today we have had our sponsored skip, we have been very determined to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

During the day, each class has taken part in the sponsored skip. We used our skills to practice different kinds of skips.

How much did you raise for the sponsored skip?


Today we played a hockey match, the class was split into 4 teams in which there was 2 pitches to play matches.

The rules of a hockey match is: keep your stick below your waist, two hands on the stick when dribbling and only goal keepers can use their feet.

We focused on dribbling and passing but we needed to think about space around us in order to pass tactically.

What have you learnt this week in P.E?


Our topic this term for P.E is hockey!

Today in P.E we have been learning about ball control. Our focus today was to get past defenders, we learnt how to shield a ball in order to get past the defenders and score. We also learnt how to pass a ball into space and run around the defender to shoot.

What have you done this week in P.E?

Rugby Tournament

This afternoon we have combined all our rugby skills we have been practising to compete in our In house rugby tournament! In class 8 yellow house won this years tournament.

Well done everyone who took part, you have all shown great sportsmanship.

What colour house won in your class?

Tag Rugby

Today in PE we have been doing Tag rugby, we focused on controlled passing with a partner.

What rugby skills do you know?


Today we have had our last ever swimming session for Year 5. We have enjoyed going swimming and have learnt a lot. Some of us have really developed our swimming skills and developed our confidence in the water.

What is your favourite subject?

Sports Tournament

Today we had a sports tournament , where we did throwing and high jump. One of the top scores for throwing was 21.8 metres. We enjoyed our games and played well. We all worked well in our teams and all each had ago at the high jump. Year 6 won overall.


Sponsored Skip

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This afternoon was the sponsored skip.  The whole school took part to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. How many skips did you achieve?


Football skills

This afternoon, in PE, we have been practicing our football skills. We have been learning about ball control and how to pass the ball properly. Can you need any football skills?