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Desert Island

Today we found ourselves stranded on a deserted island. We had the dilemma of being able to only take 4 items in our bags. We carefully thought about the different items as we thought about possible challenges that we may face.

What were the 4 items that you took with you?

Developing our Team Building Skills

This afternoon we have focused on developing our team building skills. We have learnt that communication is very important when working well as part of a team. We participated in different team building activities that involved us to complete challenges without speaking and used our facial and body language to communicate.

What qualities do you think you need to work well as a team?


Safer Internet Day

Today we have explored the importance of staying safe online. We discussed why it is important to be safe on the internet and what the dangers are on the internet.

Our top tips include:

  • don’t talk to strangers
  • don’t give out passwords
  • don’t give out personal information
  • be kind
  • don’t try to act like somebody you’re not

Do you have any top tips for staying safe on the internet?

Long Term Goals

This afternoon we have been researching different types of careers that we would like to do when we’re older. We have thought about short term goals that we would need in order to reach our career for example, gaining GCSE’s, getting work experience. Some of us then went onto creating job specifications for our chosen job using our research.

What do you want to do when you’re older?


Harper Adams visit

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This afternoon we had a visit from Harper Adams. We completed lots of interesting and fun activities all about jobs. Such as matching jobs to their descriptions, which we found, lots of jobs descriptions might cross over into different jobs. … Continue reading

Operation Christmas Child

We have been doing our wrapping and filling boxes for our annual ‘Operation Christmas Child.’ We have been talking about showing kindness to people who are less fortunate that ourselves and today we filled boxes with various items that we think children would be pleased to receive.

What item would you like to unwrap?


Safe and Happy

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This afternoon, we have being thinking about being safe and happy. We have been using the NSPCC childlike website to explore our different feelings. We have been drawing different pictures to show how we are feeling. We know it’s important … Continue reading


This morning, we have two ladies from the NSPCC in explaining to us about childline and about how important it is to talk an adult about any worried you may have. We spoke about being about to tell our parents as well as teacher in school. Who else could you talk to?

Beginning to understanding musical notation!

This afternoon we have been looking at musical notation. We learnt that 4 beats is semi breve, 2 beats is minim, 1 beat is a crochet and half a beat is a quaver. Then we made our own music using those beats. Do you know how many beats a minus has?

PSHE- learning and discussing different occupations!

This afternoon we have been looking at different job roles and what they involve doing. For example, a chef, nurse or police officer. Then we used our maths skills and solved word problems on how much different professions would earn? Do you know the role of different occupations?