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Testing a Hypothesis


This afternoon Class 8 have tested the hypothesis for a science experiment, we have used electrical equipment to conduct our experiment and record our findings, the experiment proved adding 2 batteries to the circuit made the bulbs shine brighter.

What would you have added to the circuit to make the bulb shine brighter?

Science Experiment

Today Class 8 we have been doing a science experiment, we have been making a complete electric circuit, we used our problem solving skills to debug the circuit to ensure the light bulb lights up.


Data Harvest


Class 8 have been comparing Data, using Data Harvest we have measured the amount of light that our plants are getting in our out door flower bed and in the green house, we measured the amount of light for 2 minutes for each area and it produced a graph with results, Our results shown that the out door flower bed receives more light than in the green house, over the next few weeks we are going to see how this effects the growth of the plants.


Designing And Exploring Mechanisms

This afternoon we were designing and exploring mechanisms. We created our own marvellous machine. One of the machines we created helped us to tidy our bed and set an alarm to wake up. It automatically made your bed when you press the button to say your awake.

What would you design?



This afternoon we have tested the effects of friction. We wanted to see which surface had the least amount of friction on for walking. We tested 5 different surfaces: wooden floor, grass, concrete, tarmac, laminate and carpet.

Which surface do you think will have the least amount of friction?

Testing water resistance

This afternoon in science we tested whether or not our boats would float. In teams we worked together to create our boats , using plastic bottles, and other  materials. Most of our boats floated but one which had holes in the bottle started to sink. So as a class we discussed how we could improve the boat and came up with the solution of covering up the holes, which would help the boat float as no water could get inside.

Whats the best material to make a boat with?

Testing Water Resistance

This afternoon, we have been busy designing a boat. We have learnt about the different types of forces that are affected within water resistance. Water resistance slows objects down when they are trying to move through the water.

We have designed this boat because it is light so it will float and it is streamlined so it will glide in the water.


This afternoon, we have visited our greenhouse. We used Slido to make predictions on which plant is going to grow the quickest, ready for our plant sale.

Which plant do you think is going to grow the quickest?

The direction that different forces act

This afternoon, we have tested how air resistance acts upon a force. We have learnt that as an aeroplane files through the sky, it has to push through the air around it. Friction between the air and the plane slows the plane down, which is known as air resistance.

We tested our paper aeroplane designs and measured which aeroplane travelled the furthest.

Coding Earth and Space

This afternoon, we have learnt how to code different shapes. We linked it to our earth and space topic. We changed the sprite to a planet and chose an appropriate space themed background.

Did you know that the earth orbits the sun?