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What are fossils?

This afternoon, we have been researching all about fossils and extinction. We have found out that lots of different animals are now extinct, for example, the Dodo, Western black rhinoceros and the Quagga.

Did you know that these animals are now extinct?


Life Cycles

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This afternoon, we have been identifying all the different parts of a egg when it is cracked open. First we cracked an egg open and looked what was inside, we they draw a diagram in our books showing all the … Continue reading

Life cycles

This afternoon, we have been looking at the life cycles of both plants and animals. We have been learning about Jane Goodall and have been recording key bits of information in our books. What do you know about plant and animal life cycles?



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This afternoon, we have been working together to make animations about pollination. We have been using the iPads and whiteboards to show what happens with the plants and bees. What do you know about pollination?


Reproduction in Plants

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We have been looking at reproduction in plants. For our experiment, we have taken cuttings from a plant. We will be using an artificial method of reproduction. Hopefully, we shall be able to see roots develop over the next few … Continue reading

Investigating materials which will dissolve!

This afternoon we have been finding out which materials will dissolve. The equipment we used was a beaker, spoon, chalk, salt, sugar, coffee, rice, gravy, flour and water. We all made our predictions on which materials we thought would dissolve. We did our method and our results table as well as carrying out the experiment. What results do you think we had?

Recognising the impact of drugs and alcohol on the bodies function!

This afternoon we have been looking at how the impact of drugs and alcohol have on our bodies. Do you know the impact drugs and alcohol have on our body functions?

Planning an investigation to do with skipping!

This afternoon we all planned an investigation to do with skipping. We all made our own questions up to investigate and made our predications on what the answers may be. Then we wrote what equipment we need as well as the method we would use to carry out our investigation. Then we all carried out our investigation using our skipping ropes. Then finally came back and made our conclusion on what results we have gathered. What would you do an investigation on?

The circulatory system!

This afternoon we looked at a reading comprehension of the circulatory system then we answered questions on the text. Do you know the three main parts of the circulatory system?

Systems in the body!

This afternoon we have been looking at the systems in the body. We named pictures of the system, named different parts of the system, we looked at whether the system contained organs and which ones. As well as looking at the purpose of the system and why it is important. Can you name any systems in the body?