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Sports day

Today the whole school took part in sports day. We had lots of different sporting events including: running races, skipping races, hoops and relay. We were all very competitive.

Red house were the winners but blue were very close.

Which race was your favourite?


Hockey Tournament

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This afternoon the whole school took part in a hockey tournament.  They played in their own house teams.  Well done to everyone who took part. What other tournaments would you like to play?



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Today in PE, Class 8 practiced their control of the hockey stick by using it to dribble with the ball. What’s your favourite sport?

Sponsored Run

This afternoon, the whole school have taken part in a fun run to raise money for Operation Christmas Child. We all run around the playground helping our hearts to get beating and helping to keep us healthy! How many times did you manage to run around?


Football skills

This afternoon, in PE, we have been practicing our football skills. We have been learning about ball control and how to pass the ball properly. Can you need any football skills?


This morning we have all had a lot of fun taking part in throwing. Everyone did such a great job well done. How far can you throw a ball?

Practising our high jump!

This afternoon we have been practising our high jump ready for Sports Day next week. Do you enjoy doing high jump?


This afternoon we went swimming and we all had a lot of fun taking part. We practised our back stroke as well as floating in the water. We swam using floats to get to the other side too. Have you tried doing back stroke at swimming?


Sponsored skipping!

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This afternoon we have taken part in our sponsored skipping. We all did a warm and they counted how many skips we could do in a given time. How many skips can you do in 30 seconds?

Practising our hockey skills!

This afternoon we have been practising our hockey skills. We have had a lot of fun doing our passing. Then we got into teams and had a match against each other. What do you enjoy about playing hockey?