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Planning an investigation to do with skipping!

This afternoon we all planned an investigation to do with skipping. We all made our own questions up to investigate and made our predications on what the answers may be. Then we wrote what equipment we need as well as the method we would use to carry out our investigation. Then we all carried out our investigation using our skipping ropes. Then finally came back and made our conclusion on what results we have gathered. What would you do an investigation on?

Practising our hockey skills!

This afternoon in P.E we have been practising our hockey skills. We have been learning how to defend in hockey as well as learning how to shoot. What was your best skill in hockey?


Experimenting with our skipping!

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This afternoon we have been experimenting with our skipping and looking at different ways we can skip. We have counted how many skips we can do as well as doing relay races. How do you skip?


Sponsored fun run

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This afternoon, we completed our sponsored fun run. Class 8 enjoyed video blogging and interviewing some children. Please remember to collect your sponsor money and bring it into school.


Today in PE we have been looking at throwing the ball to the side. What directions can you throw the ball in a game of rugby?


We are practising our rugby skills and getting ready for our house tournament.


How do you pass to another player?


We are learning the skills and techniques for Tag Rugby.