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Home Learning Activities

Following a Recipe

This afternoon, we have followed a recipe to bake shortbread biscuits. To follow the recipe, we need to follow the instructions in chronological order. But, before we followed the recipe, we needed to use our maths skills to measure and weigh the ingredients. We can’t wait to try out our biscuits tomorrow!

What have you cooked this week?

Our new book author…

It has been lovely to see some very creative reading projects that have been completed over the Christmas break.

We have a new book author that we are focusing on this term – J.R Wallis. He is a children’s author and loves to write about strange and mysterious things. What mysterious things are we going to find in our class book?!

Where is your special place to read a book?

Christmas Cards

Today we finished the day using our art skills to create christmas cards for our families and friends.

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year we look forward to seeing you ready for learning in 2020 and remember, stay safe and happy!


Play Rehearsal

Today we had our final play rehearsal. We were practising our speaking and listening skills and making sure we had loud, clear voices. We also works on our drama and acing skills and really made our characters come to life.

Planning A Christmas Party

This week in maths we have used our problem solving skills, which has required us to use all 4 operations. We have calculated fractions and percentages and worked out the total budget of our party, to do that we have calculated the total cost of food, entertainment and ticket prices.


Comparing Fractions

Today in maths we have been comparing fractions with related denominators. First we had to find the lowest common multiple , we did this by using our times tables. We found the equivalent fraction and proved this by showing our workings. The rule you always have to remember is whatever you do to the demonitor you must always do to the numerator.

Singing Practise

Today we were preparing ourselves for our christmas play. Together as a school we worked  through the words of each songs, making sure we were confident within singing all the words , loud and clear.

Whats your favourite christmas song?

Problem Solving

This morning in Maths we have been problem solving. We have a budget of £500.00 to produce our theme park. We have many different things to consider:rides, cafes, toilets, car parks, paths and restaurants. We have to use a key and draw our theme park, making sure we don’t go over our budget.

What would you put in your theme park?

Planting Daffodil Bulb

Today  Class 8 have been planting daffodil bulbs, we have planted 27 for our whole class. These will have grown in time for next spring. We have talked about how the water and sunlight helps the plants to grow and the children spoke about the green house being the best place for the plants to grow as they are protected from the frost and ice we may have over the winter.

What have you planted this week?