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Collecting And Organising Information

This morning in Literacy, we have been retrieving key facts about D-day. D-day was the invasion of Normandy, it happened on the 6th June , allied forces of Britain, America, Canada and France attacked German forces on the coast of Normandy.We can organise information into paragraph bad use subheadings to organise information.


Today using Sphero we continued to develop our coding skills by using block code to code a possible route the soldiers would have travelled during World War 2.

How have used block code?

Testing a Hypothesis


This afternoon Class 8 have tested the hypothesis for a science experiment, we have used electrical equipment to conduct our experiment and record our findings, the experiment proved adding 2 batteries to the circuit made the bulbs shine brighter.

What would you have added to the circuit to make the bulb shine brighter?

Dilemma Plan

This afternoon in topic , we created our own dilemma plan on how to handle a  situation on bullying. We did a negative and positive response to the scenario   and this helped us understand the importance of manners and being polite and kind to one another.

How would you help someone who was getting bullied?

Using Sphero

Today in class 8 we have been using Sphero to do coding, first of all we worked out the difference in miles between Countries the soldiers would have travelled over during World War 2 an completed it in our books. Using block code we created  a possible  journey the soldiers may have took.

Do you know which Countries the soldiers travelled over during World War 2?

Creating A Recount





This morning in Literacy, we were searching about Anne Frank which links within out topic of WW2. Her diary was published about her feelings and experiences. We had to write a diary entry and predict what would happen next. We remembered to make it more interesting and intriguing by using similes and metaphors. Most f predicted she would get captured! 

What do you think happened?

Safe And Happy

During last week were were discussing as a class how to be safe and happy and caring towards others. As a class we excelled in showing our understanding of the importance of safe and happy and how to be kind and caring towards others. We then designed our own schools plans and created a safe and happy environment with friends showing kindness.

What would you put into your school?

Creating A Recount

This morning in Literacy we were creating a recount of the experience of Olive, this was based on the book, Letters to the Whitehouse ,which relates to our topic based on WW2. We used key features of a recount , considering how we would feel within that situation of getting evacuated.

What books have you read on WW2?

TO Plan And Organise Information

Today in literacy we researched what it means to be evacuated as our topic this term is WW2. We used the iPads to research the information and worked together in groups to organise it, creating our own subheadings.

What do you know about WW2?

We would like the war to stop…

Following on from our book, ‘Letters of the Lighthouse’, we have written persuasive letters to the government, persuading Winston Churchill for the war to stop.

What reasons would you give for the war to stop?