Good Friday

Today in RE, Class 8 looked at the timeline of events of Good Friday.

What happened on Good Friday?


Today in class, we have be learning about the perimeter of a shape. We used a ruler to measure the length of the sides, as we know that in order to find the perimeter we need to add all of the sides together. This is an example of our learning that we did today:

Can you think of any objects in the classroom that we can find the perimeter of?


This morning, we have been learning about biographies. We read a biography about a famous person and then annotated the language features. We have learnt that biographies are generally written in 3rd person, in the past tense and is in chronological order.

Have you read any biographies recently?


Population of Shrewsbury

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Class 8 looked at the population in Shrewsbury through the years.  they used this information to analyse and interpret data. What did you find out about the population of Shrewsbury?


This afternoon class 8 looked at what Christians do during lent.  They looked at the story of Jesus in the wilderness and how this links to Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.

What would you give up for lent?



Shrewsbury Research

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Ready for Class 8’s trip to Shrewsbury battlefields they researched and gathered information about Shrewsbury now and during the battle in 1403. Have you visited shrewsbury battlefields?  


Testing Materials

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Today in Science, Class 8 looked at material properties and definitions.  They then conducted an experiment where they tested properties. What is the definition of permeable?


Sponsored Skip

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This afternoon was the sponsored skip.  The whole school took part to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. How many skips did you achieve?


Plant, Grow, Cook, Eat

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Class 8 have have planted micro- green lettuces, once they have grown class 8 will be using them to cook with. What shall we use the lettuces to make?


Today in Literacy class 8 planned and started to write their own tragedy story.

What did you include in your story?