What are fossils?

This afternoon, we have been researching all about fossils and extinction. We have found out that lots of different animals are now extinct, for example, the Dodo, Western black rhinoceros and the Quagga.

Did you know that these animals are now extinct?

Recognising the UK on a map

This afternoon, we have been using maps in order to identify different countries, continents and capital cities on a map.

How many different countries have you visited?


Christmas cards

This afternoon we have been busy making Christmas cards, for our family and friends. We have decorated our cards and made them very festive. Here are some of our designs…


One day to go…

This evening was our final performance of the Christmas play. We had so much performing to our friends and family. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did!

The first performance!

Today was our first performance. We had so much fun acting and singing. We hope that you enjoyed it.

Are you looking forward to watching it (again) tomorrow?

Play practice

Today was our first dress rehearsal for the Christmas play. We had fun practicing in our costumes and we can’t wait for you to come and see our performance tomorrow.

Are you ready to see the spectacular play tomorrow?

Christmas play

Today, we have been rehearsing for our Christmas play. We have practiced lots of singing and acting. Some of us have even practiced in our costumes, which has been very exciting.

Are you excited to see our Christmas play?

SPaG tasks

Today, we have applied our SPaG knowledge and understanding to complete a set of tasks. We have found definitions of words, added prefixes and suffixes to words, identified different word classes and practiced spelling tricky words.

Data analysis

This afternoon, we have focused on data analysis. We used a line graph to look at the temperature in winter. Using the data, we observed that the temperature drops throughout the afternoon and evening. We then went onto creating our own table and bar chart using the data.

Christmas play rehearsal

Today, we have been practicing for our Christmas play. We have practiced singing our songs and speaking our lines, including actions.