Creating A Recount





This morning in Literacy, we were searching about Anne Frank which links within out topic of WW2. Her diary was published about her feelings and experiences. We had to write a diary entry and predict what would happen next. We remembered to make it more interesting and intriguing by using similes and metaphors. Most f predicted she would get captured! 

What do you think happened?

Writing a biography

This week, our literacy focus has been biographies. A biography is an account of a person’s life, that is written by somebody else. We have focused on the main WW2 leaders and have collected factual information this week, in order to write  a biography.

Did you know that Adolf Hitler was born in Austria-Hungry and wasn’t German?

Morse Code

This afternoon Class 8 have researched Samuel Morse and how morse code was used to send messages between soldiers during the war, in pairs we have created a morse code game using scratch.


What do you know about Morse code and how it was used during World War 2?

Cooking Pear Crumble

Today Class 8 have been using a war time recipe to cook pear crumble, we talked about how we have been using our math and literacy skills with in our cooking, we have  focused on using multiplication skills to ensure there was enough ingredients for the whole class and measuring skills to ensure the correct amount of ingredients was used, we also used literacy skills to read the instructions in chronological order.

What maths and literacy skills have you used today?

Science Experiment

Today Class 8 we have been doing a science experiment, we have been making a complete electric circuit, we used our problem solving skills to debug the circuit to ensure the light bulb lights up.


Safe And Happy

During last week were were discussing as a class how to be safe and happy and caring towards others. As a class we excelled in showing our understanding of the importance of safe and happy and how to be kind and caring towards others. We then designed our own schools plans and created a safe and happy environment with friends showing kindness.

What would you put into your school?

Dig for Victory

Did you know a ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign was set up during World War 2. This was because men and women were forced to grow their own fruit and vegetables because of the shortage of foods. People living in the UK were going through rationing, which they were limited to their supplies of food.

Today, we have researched the Dig for Victory campaign and designed our own gardens. We thought carefully about the measurement and the cost of the items.

Tag Rugby

Today in PE we have been doing Tag rugby, we focused on controlled passing with a partner.

What rugby skills do you know?

WWII Music

Today Class 8 have been looking into the famous musicians/composers that were around during World War 2, we have looked into musicians such as Louis Armstrong, George Formby and Glen Miller.

Once completing our research we worked into pairs to create a keynote.

Creating A Recount

This morning in Literacy we were creating a recount of the experience of Olive, this was based on the book, Letters to the Whitehouse ,which relates to our topic based on WW2. We used key features of a recount , considering how we would feel within that situation of getting evacuated.

What books have you read on WW2?