Ordering Key Events Of The Shang Dynasty

This afternoon we were ordering the key events of the Shang Dynasty in chronological order. In 1760 BC- The empire Cheng Tang took control of the Shang Dynasty. Then the Shang Dynasty used bronze to make weapons and tools.  What do you think happened next?

Exploring Chinese Music

This afternoon, we were introduced to different pieces of Chinese music. We spoke about different Chinese instruments. Some instruments include: Qin, Zheng and the Pipa. We were able to have a go and create a piece of Chinese music.

Can you think of any other Chinese instruments?

Locating China

This afternoon, we used our geographical and map skills to locate China and its cities. We also located other countries in the world and investigated their population. Did you know China has over 1 billion people in its country?

Do you know any facts about China?


This afternoon in French we were learning about the facial features. We now know what the different features are in French.

Le front- forehead   Le nez – nose   La joue- cheek   Le menton – chin   Une oreille- ear   Oeil- eye    le sourcil – eyebrow    La bouche – mouth

What do you know in french?


This afternoon we were cooking. We made Ginger Porridge. The ingredients we used were oats, ginger, brown sugar, water and milk. We followed the recipe and then when we finished we tasted our porridge. It was yummy!

What porridge do you like?

Harper Adams trip

Today we had an exciting day out. We visited Harper Adams university for their field to fork festival. Our exciting day out consisted of: tasting bugs (which we learnt they can be eaten for protein), a visit around the farm, learning about hydroponic plants, visiting exotic pets and so much more!

Charlie bravely holding a tarantula.

What was your favourite activity on the trip?

The population of China

This afternoon, we have been looking at the population of China. We found out the population is increasing over the years and in 2020 the population is predicted to be 1420 million.

Do you know any facts about China?

Planning A Mystery Short Story.

This morning in literacy, we were creating our plans on our mystery stories. We spoke and described our settings , using adjectives. We imagined our characters and how they would feel ad what would happened? What were our clues and our mystery? We had to decide how the story would end  , maybe causing tension by leaving it on a cliffhanger.

What would your story be about?


This afternoon in science we were exploring how the earth, moon and sun are spheres and how their orbits effect one another.

How do you know the earth isn’t flat?

Shang Dynasty

Today we started our new topic – the Shang Dynasty of China! We have learnt that the Shang’s were a Royal Dynasty that ruled over ancient China between 1600BC to 1046 BCE.