Investigating light.

Today we have been investigating light and how a prism would change a ray of light, we have learnt that the colour of light is white and when it is shone from air, water or glass it gets bent, this is called refraction. We created our own colour wheel to see how the 7 different colours would merge together an create white when spun very fast!



What colour did you think light was?

War Poetry

This morning in literacy , we read through three different poems on war , identifying the structure being the verses, capital letters and commas. Then going into more depth and identifying language features and rhyming couplets. To finish off we discussed what the poems were about and summarised this in our own words.

Whats you favourite war poem?



How much food gets wasted in the UK?

This afternoon, we have discussed what happens to food that is wasted. We spoke about recycling and compost bins. We analysed data that was on the amount of food wasted in the UK and what foods are commonly wasted.

Did you know France has introduced a zero waste in larger supermarkets!

Pumpkin Soup

This morning Class 8 have been cooking, we have made pumpkin soup.

We used our literacy skills to write up instructions in chronological order, then following these steps did some cooking. we discussed how it was important to follow the steps n chronological order to ensure the recipe comes out how we expect.

What have you cooked this week?

Place Value

Today in Maths we were revisiting place value in numbers with 3 decimal places. We understand the value of each digit within a decimal number and know that the decimal point never moves. We understand that the hundredths column has a lower value than the tenths and we can mentally add and subtract decimal numbers.

What targets have we met today in maths?

Features Of Instructions

Today in literacy we have looked at examples of instructions. We have used a checklist to help us find examples of each feature and identified the different SPag elements.

Key features we found were: Bullet points, imperative verbs, questions, paragraphs, introduction and conclusion, diagrams, chronological order, tenses, numbered instructions , conjunctions and fronted adverbials.

Can you think of any more key features?


Wombridge News

Class 8 have been looking at newspaper reports in Literacy. Today, we have been busy journalists and publishers, publishing newspapers. We have reported on the Battle of Normandy, which is also known as D-Day. D-day happened on the 6th June, 1944 which was led by the Allied forces (known as Britain, USA and Canada) who wanted to punish Germany.

Did you know D-day was the largest seaborne invasion?


This afternoon class 8 have been looking into the life of a farmer and the jobs they have throughout each month, we chose a month and created an animation on the information we had found.

Do you know how the life of a farmer would differ through each month?

Newspaper Report

This morning in literacy we have written our newspaper report. We made sure we wrote in the third person and gave evidence from people who were previously apart of D-Day. We gave facts and used the 5Ws to describe the invasion.

What do you know about D-Day?


Collecting And Organising Information

This morning in Literacy, we have been retrieving key facts about D-day. D-day was the invasion of Normandy, it happened on the 6th June , allied forces of Britain, America, Canada and France attacked German forces on the coast of Normandy.We can organise information into paragraph bad use subheadings to organise information.