Short Stories

Today in literacy we have created our own short story on the Highwayman. To make it more interesting we have included adverbs, similes and metaphors. We remembered to use short, snappy sentences.

Have you read the Highwayman?

Short Stories On The Highwayman

Today in literacy we have continued to read and understand the Highwayman. To make the story more interesting we added adverbs, similes and metaphors and created our own version. We used short and snappy sentences.

Have you read the Highwayman?

Five Senses

Today in literacy we were describing a setting from the Highwayman. We used brilliant adjectives and remembered to include similes and metaphors. Most importantly we used our five senses to help us.

How would you describe the Highwayman?

Five Senses

Today in Literacy, we were describing a setting from the Highwayman. We remembered to use our five senses and find descriptive words from the text. We used brilliant adjectives to describe the setting e.g mysterious, creepy, haunted. Also we described the setting using metaphors and similes.

How would you describe a scary setting?


This morning in maths, we were learning how to measure and draw angles. We now understand how to use a protractor and know how to measure angles in degrees. Also I can round the degrees to the nearest one and can draw angles from a given measurement.

Do you know how to use a protractor?



Oracle Bones

This afternoon, we researched facts and information about oracle bones.

Oracle bones were discovered during the Shang Dynasty. Historians discovered the words inscribed on them were questions and were able to work out who wrote them and when.

Did you know oracle bones are about 3500 years old!

Coding Earth and Space

This afternoon, we have learnt how to code different shapes. We linked it to our earth and space topic. We changed the sprite to a planet and chose an appropriate space themed background.

Did you know that the earth orbits the sun?

Identifying Poetic Techniques

This morning in literacy, we focused on the poem the Highwayman, we read through this poem to understand what it was about. We then identified the poetic features within the text. e.g metaphors, similes, repetition and personification. Using point, evidence , explain, we gave examples from the text to support our writing.

Ordering Key Events Of The Shang Dynasty

This afternoon we were ordering the key events of the Shang Dynasty in chronological order. In 1760 BC- The empire Cheng Tang took control of the Shang Dynasty. Then the Shang Dynasty used bronze to make weapons and tools.  What do you think happened next?

Exploring Chinese Music

This afternoon, we were introduced to different pieces of Chinese music. We spoke about different Chinese instruments. Some instruments include: Qin, Zheng and the Pipa. We were able to have a go and create a piece of Chinese music.

Can you think of any other Chinese instruments?