Controlling aspects of a game

This afternoon we have used our coding skills to debug and programme code. We have followed a sequence of code and have used technical language.

We have coded long ships travel across the North Sea and have thought about the different routes that they could have taken.


Our topic this term for P.E is hockey!

Today in P.E we have been learning about ball control. Our focus today was to get past defenders, we learnt how to shield a ball in order to get past the defenders and score. We also learnt how to pass a ball into space and run around the defender to shoot.

What have you done this week in P.E?

Long Division

Today in maths we have been learning how to divide using long division. It is a very complicated method and requires lots of different steps. However we all understood the tricky method! We discussed that we would be using more than one operation and was able to work out the calculation that requires dividing 3-digit numbers by 2-digit.

What have you been learning today in maths?


Instructional writing

Today in Literacy our learning objective was to write an instructional text based on the herbs that we have planted.

First of all, we had to decided what equipment we needed in order to plant and care for our herbs.

Then, we had to recount the method that we used to plant our herbs.

We used our literacy skills and included imperative verbs when writing our method.

What herbs have you planted?



This afternoon, we researched the distances from different countries to the UK. We discussed which countries the Saxons travelled from (Germany, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands) and thought about the possible methods of transport they would have used to get to and from each country.

We coded a long boat travelling across the North Sea to the UK.

Do you know the distance from Norway to the UK?


This afternoon, we tidied up our planting bed ready to plant herbs for the spring term. We removed any weeds that needed taking out of the planting bed and turned over the soil by removing stones and leaves.

What have you got planting in your planting beds?

A visit from Harper Adams

Today we were fortunate enough to have student’s visit us from Harper Adams University. The school council and shadow council took them for a tour around the school. We were able to talk to the students about our farming award and what we are learning about.

What question would you ask Harper Adams students about farming and agriculture?

Making good and bad choices

Today in Re we discussed different scenarios for making good and bad choices. We discussed different choices and which one we would do e.g. saying kind words/ saying unkind words. We spoke about the consequences for the bad choices that we make. We went on to create a choice story using our ideas.

What good choices do you make?

How, what and why questions

Today in literacy we have been asking how, what and why questions about artefacts that were discovered in the Saxon times.

We also identified that how, what and why questions are types of questions that are asked in explanation texts.

We made predictions about what we thought the artefacts were.

Can you give an example of an artefact?

Long Term Goals

This afternoon we have been researching different types of careers that we would like to do when we’re older. We have thought about short¬†term goals that we would need in order to reach our career for example, gaining GCSE’s, getting work experience. Some of us then went onto creating job specifications for our chosen job using our research.

What do you want to do when you’re older?