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Field games

At the farm we got to play a huge game of ‘Sticks’.

Year 6 had 5 sticks and so did we. We had to protect our sticks and make sure they were not taken. If we got caught we had to stay in ‘prison’ until one of our friends could get us out.

It was a long way back up the field!


What would you read?

We went to the library and chose books we wanted to look at.


What type of story do you like to read?

Do you prefer scary stories, exciting stories, science-fiction stories?

Romans in War!

We have been researching micro organisms. Some micro organisms are harmful, others can help us. We then thought about how illnesses, bacteria and infection can spread – and linked this to the Romans.

‘When the romans were in war, they may have been hurt or have caught an illness. Helpful micro-organisms might fight back and help to defend the body from disease.’

Alex E



We have been finding out about Aristotle and writing a biography about his work  on grouping animals.


What do you know about vertebrates?

What do you know about invertebrates?