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Column Addition

This morning in Maths, we were learning to use column addition to add together four and five digits numbers. We learnt how to correctly set out our questions and carry over our digits. To check our answers we used the inverse.

Do you use the inverse to check?


This morning in Maths we were learning how to round to the nearest whole number. We used number lines to help us identify which whole numbers it was closes to. We remember how to do this through our little rhyme ‘five or more raise the score’.

Roman numerals

We have been learning about roman numerals and using them in our maths work.

Can you use these numerals to work out the answers to these calculations:

24 + 16 =         36 + 65 =       112 + 540 =

9 x 9 =            1001 – 965 =        540 ÷ 9 =