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Enjoying our reading

We enjoy spending time reading in our library.

It is quiet and there are lots of books we can choose from.

Luke, Milo and Alfie have chosen non- fiction books to look at.

Do you know the difference between fiction and non-fiction?


Chinese New Year

Today we researched Chinese New Year.

This is Milo’s writing about what a Chinese street festival may have been like. He has used his learning on similes to help:

The Chinese Dragon is as scary as a roaring lion. The smoke covered the area and confetti rained down like cats and dogs. We decorated our home with red flowers and now it looks so beautiful.

Micro organisms and Romans

We have been researching micro organisms. Some micro organisms are harmful, others can help us. We then thought about how illnesses, bacteria and infection can spread – and linked this to the Romans.

‘It would be bad for the romans to get sick during battle because they wouldn’t have medicines to help cure them.’