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Newspaper Report

This morning in literacy , we wrote our very own newspaper report on the battle of Shrewsbury. We used our previous planning from yesterday and the information we gathered to help us. We know to include a catchy heading to draw the readers in. Also the 5W’s to make sure we include the most important information.

What do you know about the battle of Shrewsbury?

Newspaper Report

This morning in literacy we were writing our very our news reports on the battle of Shrewsbury.  We know that a news report is seen in a newspaper with a catchy headline to draw in the readers. We used our plans and the 5W’s  to create a good news report, remembering all the information we gathered.

What do you know about the battle of Shrewsbury?

Column Addition

This morning in Maths, we were learning to use column addition to add together four and five digits numbers. We learnt how to correctly set out our questions and carry over our digits. To check our answers we used the inverse.

Do you use the inverse to check?

Journalist Language

This morning in Literacy we were learning about active and passive sentences, we had to identify the meaning of them both and change active sentences into passive. We then looked through a newspaper article and identified passive sentences.

Do you know the difference between active and passive sentences?


This morning in Maths we were learning how to round to the nearest whole number. We used number lines to help us identify which whole numbers it was closes to. We remember how to do this through our little rhyme ‘five or more raise the score’.

Battle Of Shrewsbury

This afternoon in Topic, we were identifying how the battle of Shrewsbury was fought and won. We identified on a map where the battle took place and researched the commanders and leaders.

Do you know any facts about the battle of Shrewsbury?

Harper Adams

This afternoon, Class 8 had a visit from Harper Adams.  They looked at the benefits of eating insects. They then got a chance to try buffalo worms, crickets, and a lotus.

What did the insects taste like?



Today in Topic, Class 8 looked at their short and long term goals.

What is the difference between short and long term goals?

Photo Stories

Today in Literacy Class 8 used ICT to create the story of Macbeth.  They used photos and dialogue to explain what had occurred in the story.

How did the story of Macbeth end?




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Today in PE, Class 8 practiced their control of the hockey stick by using it to dribble with the ball. What’s your favourite sport?